Lead Generation Is The Lifeblood Of Every Business

Shocking statement (But you know it’s true). Google & Facebook DO NOT work on their own! That’s why every LeadCentre™️ Pro customer gets LeadCentre™ INCLUDED to help manage and nurture clients

Sure you can pay for clicks and impressions, but in an ever-competitive digital landscape what most businesses cannot do and almost no agencies offer is a complementing post lead experience that turns lukewarm leads into engaged, impressed prospects that convert

Our vastly experienced search and social designers take tried and tested campaign structures, add some creative flair, spice it up with some attention-grabbing copy, and turn traffic into leads, then conversations, then sales

Ohh, and we track everything, including calls, from the click right through to the sale, so you know EXACTLY what channels, campaigns, keywords or audiences equal revenue.

Then we double down on what makes money – Pretty slick huh!

We Offer 2 Primary Ad Channels Here At Adlevers; Google & Facebook/Instagram

We Offer Them Separately, Or As Complete Package That We Call LeadCentre™️ Pro

Google Search (PPC)

Be seen in your target location by people directly looking for the products and services you offer and turn those visitors into nurtured prospects

Google Display

Run targeted banner advertising specifically to ‘in market’ audiences and those that have visited your website previously

Facebook Advertising

The most efficient and cost-effective way to promote your brand to an ‘n market’ audience today

Instagram Advertising

Instagram enables you to generate enquiries through the powerful use of photography. Perfect for KBB.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Package Information

Volume, shareability & scale. People LOVE to see beautiful things, especially lifestyle improvement offers, whether that be homes, home improvement, self-care or simple something that they desire to have or do. Facebook offers them a visual that stops their thumb scrolling and enables them to engage and share your ads and offers.

Facebook Ads can be hard to master especially the technical side. Our formula and tracking know-how means we can attribute leads and sales back to the audience, device, campaign, or ad meaning clarity and transparency on ROAS (return on ad spend).

Here’s what we look after.

  • Strategy & Targeting Research
  • Facebook Ad Creatives & Copy Writing
  • Facebook Audience Segmentation
  • Facebook Tracking & Pixel Management
  • Account Optimisation
  • Creative Split Testing Schedules
  • LeadCentre™ Integration
  • Lead Follow Up Automation
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Detailed Realtime Reporting

Google Search & Display Advertising

Package Information

Google search as intent on its side! That being, people actively seeking out products and services that you offer. You pay when they click and conversion rates and contact rates are usually higher than via social.

We utilise all the optimisation points available and track everything and provide landing pages where needed. Here is what we watch over.

  • Integration With LeadCentre™
  • COMPETITOR & Market Analysis
  • ACCOUNT Structure/Restructure
  • SPLIT Testing Schedule
  • CAMPAIGN Creation
  • DETAILED Monthly Reporting
  • ONGOING Campaign Optimisation
  • CRO Strategy & Consulting
  • DEDICATED Account Manager
  • GOAL Conversion Tracking
  • PPC Keyword Research
  • PERFORMANCE Management
  • DYNAMIC Key Phrase Insertion
  • ADVANCED Bid Management
  • GEO-Targeting
  • CALL Tracking

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