The Lead Management & Nurturing System That's Designed, Built & Managed FOR YOU!

LeadCentre™ is your hub. Where the real magic happens. A place to automate, organise and communicate with your enquiries.

Don’t you wish there were an all-in-one prebuilt way businesses could generate more contacts, quotes or information requests, instantly follow up, and then enable you to communicate with them directly as you move them through a pipeline system designed to organise every lead perfectly? Well, now there is! And it’s a game changer.


Did you know that when you generate a lead, you have taken a risk?

A real risk of spending money to get a lead and then not treating their requests with enough urgency, transparency, or respect to turn them into real opportunities. Those lost opportunities often land in the smug laps of your competitors or lose interest in your brand altogether.

Do Any Of These Situations Sound Familar?

Too often we talk to great KBB businesses that design incredible spaces but still work from their inbox and a set of spreadsheets that require a bunch of manual work from multiple people. Erghh!

Drowning In Your Inbox

Are you and your staff working out of your inbox and feel swamped and confused the minute things heat up? = Lost Revenue

Manage Leads Via Spreadsheet

Are you sick or managing opportunities via clunky spreadsheets that are never truly up to date? = Lost revenue

Delays In Follow Up

Do you miss a key moment when leads ask for a quote, brochure or a guide but then have to wait a while before they get it? = Lost revenue

Not Understanding Lead Source

Do you not have any clarity on what actually drove that lead? Understand the channel and motivations is critical = Lost revenue

No Process Of Following Up

Do you send out lot’s of quotes but not have a process for following up automatically without fail = Lost revenue

Lost Google Review Opportunities?

Do you get Google reviews from happy customers 9/10? Does it happen sporadically or not at all? = Lost revenue

LeadCentre™ Is The Solution Businesses Have Been Crying Out For

We just made it happen. Combine LeadCentre™ with our other packages and watch the leads fly in and turn into quotes or booked appointments on autopilot. Here’s what’s inside
  • 360 Opportunity Overview
  • Pipeline stage management
  • Two Email & SMS Communication
  • Booking Engine With Calendar Widget
  • Full Nurture Sequences
  • Call Tracking, Recording & Automation
  • User Journey & Click Tracking
  • Unlimited Landing Pages For Brochure Requests, Appointments, And Special Offers
  • Automated Google Review Requests & Reply Management
  • Advanced Lead Tagging & Contact Management
  • HMTL Email & Campaign Builder
  • Full Lead Souce Attribution, With Google/Facebook & Analytics Reporting

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